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12 Nov 2017

Instant connectivity is the norm these days. At a time, when the world is gearing up to embrace new technologies, slow internet connection almost ruins the party. Is there a possible solution, whereby you can still send emails, without having to face any major obstacle?

With Yahoo, you have a definite...

15 Mar 2017

While using Yahoo mail if it suddenly stops working then you don’t need to be panic. There are many issues, due to which your Yahoo account stops working such as due to a connection problem, due to your mail application or browser got corrupted or maybe someone hacked and change your password. These are some common issues which you face while accessing Yahoo. If you think by deactivating Yahoo account permanently and then reactivate email account will fix your issue then you are wrong. It is not so easy to reactivate the Yahoo account which is deactivated once because all the data will be stored in the Yahoo database. So, the Yahoo...

11 Jan 2017

Sometimes Facebook user account gets hacked by someone and the user want to get back their account or want to change their username to escape that from the hacker. For this user can follow the following steps:

·         Reset your password if you can still access your Facebook account

·         User can secure it by changing their username of their Facebook account.

If further, any issue occurs in doing this then the Facebook user can contact Facebook helpline number to get the solution for their problem.

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